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Off to my Master Coach Retreat!

Hi there!! I’m sorry I didn’t get the next step in Beginning to Connect with yourSelf up… and it won’t be up next week either. I’m headed to North Carolina to celebrate the end of my Master Coach Training with Martha Beck Inc! I’ll be away from my phone and computer until Wednesday, May 9th… but will be back at my posting that week when I return. Talk to you after… I can’t wait to tell you all about the magic! I *might* post my daily stillness practice picture on Instagram (@cidlicious) so if you want to see images from
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Begin Connecting to yourSelf in 3 Simple Steps

We’ve all been there–looking for the quick fix… a magic pill… THE book that holds the key to  answering the big questions that linger in your heart. The bad news? Friend, that path is a Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz situation. No matter how many miles you trudge down the yellow brick road, you are not going to find what you’re looking for in Oz. You may find some great friends along the way–and I’m sure you will learn so much about yourself on the journey that it’s well worth the effort. But we all find our way to
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What to do when the dirt comes up…

Along with beautiful new growth comes DIRT!! In my newest video, we’ll discuss what the dirt means and what we can do about it. 😉 Growing can be messy business, but it’s natural–and we can tap into our Inner Wisdom for guidance. Join me as we continue to explore: Connecting to yourSelf (Capital S) in Spring. xoxo- Cid
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