Begin Connecting to yourSelf in 3 Simple Steps (Part 3)

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Over the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about the vital importance of learning to connect to yourSelf and listen to your Inner Voice to create a life of Joy and Wellness. Let’s take another quick look at the steps to begin that reconnection.


There are 3 Simple Steps to begin Connecting to yourSelf:


Step 1: Set aside quiet time to connect with yourSelf each day. This is a skill that takes time and dedication…like learning piano, or knitting, or another language. Daily practice is essential!


Step 2: Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Not only does a gratitude practice make life more beautiful, it’s a very real way to continue uncovering the many ways your Inner Voice communicates with you.


Step 3: Be gentle with yourself! Connecting to yourSelf is a skill that takes time and dedication. Just keep trying!


Those are the steps, but how do they look in practice? In the last two posts, we looked at the three steps and took a deep dive into Step 1: Set aside quiet time to connect with yourSelf each day and Step 2: Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. If you missed either of those, go read them first. When you’re ready, we’ll be right here waiting for you with Step 3:


Be gentle with yourself!

So you miss a day or two of quiet time. Or go on a vacation and miss a week (or more!) of gratitude journaling. Not a big deal! Your still, peaceful Self will be waiting for you to come back and connect to it.


You’ll get there when you’re meant to!

YES, the magical changes in your life happen sooner if you make a commitment to show up daily, no matter what. Honestly, if you want to get to the amazing place of constant connection, you will need to make a commitment at some point. But it should NEVER feel like a “must” or a burden. I am certainly not giving you permission to use it as an excuse to “should” on yourself! I promise you’ll get there when you’re supposed to…just keep trying. Begin again. Once you start connecting regularly, my hunch is that you’ll feel a longing to keep with it, or simply curiosity at what might transpire if you continue. It’s that desire that makes you want to show up for yourSelf!


Quieting the Thought-Bullies

Honestly, it’s more than just being patient with yourself.  This practice may stir up old thought patterns like, “I can’t stick to anything I start!” or “I’m just too lazy to do this daily.” You want to know a secret? I have a gang of mean girls that hold council in my head too! The only difference is, they’ve been put in their place enough times that they back down pretty quickly when I tell them to hush now. If the mean kid chorus starts up in your mind, it’s time to question the thought-bullies AND be extra gentle with yourSelf.


Make it easy to follow through on your intentions of quiet time and gratitude.

Block off time in your planner. Put your Gratitude Journal on your pillow so you don’t forget to write in it at the end of those long days. But also allow some wiggle room as you move towards who you are becoming. Be a safe place to land for yourSelf when life feels rough. Please don’t add your own voice to the mean girls’ cackles.


I don’t care how enlightened you are, you are still human.

And we humans don’t ever attain perfection–but I believe we are perfectly imperfect by design. The things that make you YOU are needed in this world. The sooner you consider and embrace the idea that you are a unique, irreplaceable piece of the Divine, and the only one capable of being you, the sooner the world gets to benefit from you showing up fully.


I am fully human, and show up as such. I know that I could have figured out how critical this “Connecting to yourSelf thing” is much quicker if I didn’t have those traits to work with–but that’s who I am!  


Trust that the timing is always “right”.

Looking back, I can see many things that didn’t happen when I wanted them to. It’s clear now that the timing was always what it needed to be–what I cursed as frustrating delays were really making space for experiences I needed to have. Unexpected gifts appeared along the side roads that I was sure had been wrong turns.


Embracing our humanity

“So you don’t even work towards perfection?!” Hell, no! That doesn’t mean I am not working on things I’d like to improve in my life. I am constantly striving to become a better version of myself…that’s part of what makes life fun for me! At the same time, I’m no longer using my quirks and differences as excuses to hide or give up.


Yes, I procrastinate. Yes, I get overwhelmed in groups and need lots of downtime after being out amongst people. Yes, I have “shiny syndrome” (diagnosed ADD, in case that doesn’t make sense because you don’t have it.) Yes, I am impatient. Yes, I…. You get the point, right?


I invite you to keep showing up, too.

I believe that’s our job, to show up. Your process is unique, and will happen exactly the way it is supposed to.


No matter where you are in your life–what challenges you are up against or what dreams you have for your future–I know that learning to Connect to yourSelf can help you get to where you want to be. Start with these simple beginning steps: set aside quiet time to connect, begin to acknowledge all that you have to be grateful for, and be gentle with yourself as you start this new way of being fully present.


Friend, this is an opportunity to foster and strengthen the most important relationship you will ever have. To re-learn the beautiful sound of your own Inner Voice. To be on this journey that is life, knowing that the wisdom you need has been inside you all along.


Helping others learn to hear their own Inner Voice is my passion! If you’d like to share specifics from your experience with the Steps, I’d love to hear them! If you’d like to discuss what 1-on-1 coaching might look like, please set up a free 30 minute Meet & Greet call and we can talk more. I know you’ve got this! This is your journey to yourSelf… all you have to do is follow the steps and allow your unique path to unfold.


Joyful connecting!

xoxo- Cid