Can You Feel the Energy Shift?

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Can you feel the energy?

Can you feel it?! The sparkly bright energy of a new year… where the haze and mania of the holidays finally lifts and you can breathe again!

I love this time of year- hope is abundant and it feels like the perfect time for a fresh start. You know you can have a fresh start at any time, don’t you love? You can! But right now, the collective energy is in “fresh start” mode, so why not hitch a ride on that wave for some extra oomph, you know?

One of my favorite things about a brand new year is choosing a new Word of the Year. I first heard about Word of the Year from one of my mentors, Christine Kane. I chose my very first word in 2008. CREATE. Yummy! It was exactly what I needed that year… and every one of the words since “create” has also been just what I needed, even if it was in unexpected ways.

Do you choose a guiding word for your year? If you haven’t before, would you like to try?

If you think you might, but you don’t know where to start, I’ll share what I do. What works best for you may be completely different (us humans are like that, you know) but here’s *my* process:

  • Sometime in November or December, I get super excited because I realize it’s time to start thinking about my word for the next year. (Yes, it’s January now, but you can start here anyway!) I spend some time looking at how the current year is coming along, ponder how I might build upon what I’m already creating in my life, and consider what I might need to shift so that things that *aren’t* working well are able to flow more smoothly. (I have some end-of-year journaling questions I use in the last week of December to really wrap up the year, but this reflection here is just some quick brainstorming.)
  • Honestly, that all takes like 3 minutes, and then I sit and play! I love words- and I love the deliciousness of making a word “mine”. I try to think of words that make my energy zing… words that make my heart hum… words that scare the shit out of me! Words that just feel right for me right now. Some years I have a whole list of contenders and other years there are just one or two in the running right from the start.
  • Then I get quiet, set my intention (to come up with the word that will be my best guide for the coming year) and try to forget about it for a few days or even a few weeks! Getting quiet is important, my friend. Connect with your Self (and any other Divine One that inspires you personally) and get still when you set that intention.
  • Notice what comes up for you in the following days (or weeks, depending on how early you started thinking about your word). Do you start seeing one of your possible words all over the place? When you say a certain word aloud do you feel a stirring inside you? Does one word just all of a sudden feel right? I love how the Universe leaves us clues when it comes to things like this!
  • Don’t be discouraged if you don’t land on your word like an Olympic gymnast sticks a perfect 10 landing! This is not supposed to be torturous- it’s supposed to add to our everyday lives, okay? Try on a word for size… doesn’t feel good? Drop it and try another! Really.

What can you do with your word?

  • Journal about what your word means to you- ALL the different ways you want to bring more of IT into your life
  • Paint your word on a rock, or a canvas (or a wall!)
  • Find a computer background image that evokes the feeling of your word
  • Get a physical reminder you can wear (who doesn’t love an excuse to buy jewelry, right?!) has some simple, reasonable bracelets that I love.
  • Write your word in dry erase marker on your bathroom mirror!
  • Write it in the front of your planner and/or write it on a sticky note and take a pic with your phone to use as your lock screen

I’d love to hear what your word is for 2018! Maybe next week I’ll tell you about mine 😉

Love & Light~ Cid