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Letting Go of the Number on the Scale

Devan and I just got back from a weekend with extended family in Washington. It’s always a great time, as I get swept up into the fun and chaos of so many people under one roof. Laughter and love and stories of the past, all bundled up into a couple of days spent with some of my favorite people in the world.   Another thing that is there is a scale.   Through the years, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with scales. I’m sure many of you understand–the joy some numbers can bring. The torture and frustration others carry in
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What I Remembered About Myself When I Decided to Tell My Story

You may have seen my recent posts (or FB Live) about the She Stories event I was asked to speak at recently. The theme was “How I Learned to Love Myself” and I was one of seven women who got up to share my story. From the moment I started thinking about getting up to speak in public, the “mean girls” in my head started trying to beat me down with a whole lot of negativity. They kept repeating “who do you think you are?!”, “people will be there sharing REAL stories!” and other nonsense. Whenever the mean girls appear
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Embracing 2018 – All of It

This is not what I envisioned as my follow-up post to Can You Feel The Energy. I thought I’d be telling you about all the magical things that “embrace” holds in store for me this year, and my ideas for making the word become a natural, integrated part of my life by the end of 2018. I started a *book list*, people!!! What you are getting instead, my friends, is what we like like to call TAO in the Martha Beck world. Transparent. Authentic. Open. The truth of the matter is, this word is not going to be easy for
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