Embracing 2018 – All of It

Categories: Personal.

This is not what I envisioned as my follow-up post to Can You Feel The Energy. I thought I’d be telling you about all the magical things that “embrace” holds in store for me this year, and my ideas for making the word become a natural, integrated part of my life by the end of 2018. I started a *book list*, people!!!

What you are getting instead, my friends, is what we like like to call TAO in the Martha Beck world. Transparent. Authentic. Open.

The truth of the matter is, this word is not going to be easy for me. I knew that! I thought I was up for the challenge. My biggest motivation for choosing “embrace” is that I want to not only accept who I am (and who I am not) but I feel like I need to embrace who I am in order to work towards the best possible version of me.

What I’m finding now is that the reality of learning to embrace what is, and who I really am…. well… it’s MESSY! If I only had to deal with Plan-A-sun-shiny-bright-and-beautiful-days-where-everything-falls-nicely-into-place, embracing it all would be easy!!

Instead, it’s embracing the Plan-C-(if I’m lucky!)-coffee-spill-on-the-way-out-the-door-didn’t-meal-plan-or-grocery-shop-while-doing-taxes-this-weekend-but-I’ll-ride-the-waves-til-it’s-bedtime day.

  • It’s embracing the fact that I didn’t get this follow-up piece written the week that I wanted to… or even the month I wanted to. Realizing that finding time to write between clients is better than not writing at all. 
  • It’s embracing the momentary panic of a potentially-huge, completely unexpected (and out of my control) change that got thrown at me… one that had the audacity to interrupt my sacred quiet time and cuppa warmness on the porch this morning.  It’s remembering, in the panic, that I have *tools* to use for moments like this. And it’s taking slow, deep breaths often during the day, and figuring out which tools to use so I don’t lose my shit and have a tantrum. (Tantrums are okay, but not very professional when in a waiting room full of other people.)
  • It’s embracing what is, when 6 minutes into my 30 minute morning stretching routine, I realize that I have to stop RIGHT NOW because my first client of the day will be at my office in an hour and I haven’t showered or gotten ready yet!

How in the world do we learn to embrace things like that?!

Well that’s my journey this year… I know I will not really learn to embrace if I’m only willing to embrace the easy, enjoyable parts of life. Embracing the experience of being human- in the midst of the super duper messiness of what is. THIS is the work that creates the magic, loves.