Emerging from the Cocoon of Winter

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A lot of folks seem to have a really strong opinion about springtime—from what I understand, it is BELOVED. As someone who has an allergic reaction to many things that bloom and grow during this time of year, I’m not quite so eager for the season to show up in all its glory!


I do, however, have a new appreciation for coming out of the winter. As I emerge from my March pit of grief, there are a number of things that catch my eye and bring a sliver of hope: blooms on the Camellia bushes in our back yard… flocks of geese and ducks at the river… daffodils on our daily walk… the sun peeking out from behind the clouds (after a year in the Pacific Northwest, I’m finally understanding what the sun worship is about!)… the gentle rains that wash everything clean (still my favorite kind of weather).


In nature, it’s a time of birth and new, tender growth. These common spring themes surround us at grocery stores, retail stores and plant nurseries as well, and they beckon us to come out of the cocoon of winter.


Spring is a time for dreaming and scheming. A time to chart our course for the rest of the year. (NOW is the time—not at the beginning of the calendar year in the dead of winter…one more reason to give up New Year’s Resolutions!)


This is also the ideal time of year to honor our desire for renewal—a rebirth into an even better version of ourselves. To acknowledge the dirt that comes up with new growth and not get stuck in it. (I happen to offer single coaching sessions if you find yourself with some “dirt” that’s not easily cleared away.)

But most importantly, I think, it’s a time to QUESTION EVERYTHING!

We gather assumptions and “rules” as we make our way through life. If we don’t mindfully look at them now and again, we can end up basing our day-to-day decisions on beliefs that no longer serve us…that are no longer our Truth.

A simple way to shake things up is this exercise from Finding Your Own North Star, by Martha Beck… complete the following sentences:

If I didn’t care what people thought, I would _______________________________.

If I were sure I’d succeed, I would ______________________________________.

If I had the nerve, I would ____________________________________________.

If I could be certain it was the right choice, I would ___________________________.

If I weren’t worried about the future, I would _______________________________.


Now choose one of your answers that isn’t illegal or physically dangerous and DO IT!! And then pick another one and do it, too.


As Martha says “Yes, I know you’ll be breaking the Rules. I don’t care. The needs for certainty and permission are the electric fences in your mind. Which would be worse: whizzing all over them or permanently forfeiting all of the things you wrote on the list above?”


It’s time to start whizzing on those fences, y’all… I’d love to hear what you do, and how you feel as a result. I’m getting ready to do this exercise myself ? and I’m kind of excited to see what happens! Stay hydrated, and happy whizzing!