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I am not the same person that I was before the pandemic. Before the unbelievable loss of my son. After two and a half years, there are still pieces of who I used to be that lay scattered around me–some I am gently gathering back to myself, while other pieces are no longer a fit. 


But one thing that has remained at the core of who I am is unconditional self-love. 


FIERCE Self-Love


This love is not like anything you’ve read about in a sappy card or seen in a holiday movie…it’s *real* and often messy. It’s heartfelt and intense. It flows into everything you do and touches everyone you interact with. And whether your current life is easy-breezy or you’re dealing with really. hard. things. having a deep and unwavering love for yourself makes the easy times even more beautiful and the hard stuff feel less impossible to navigate.


I want to share this powerful way of loving with anyone and everyone who will listen! But Fierce Self-Love is unique to each individual– I can’t tell you what it looks like for you, I can only guide you down the path to uncover your own version of it. Teach you tools to nurture that spark of love inside you until it grows into the core of who YOU are.


The most powerful way we can explore Fierce Self-Love is in community–women of all ages and backgrounds, gathered together to learn how to put loving ourselves first for once. Having a place to unpack and discuss all the ways our society tries to keep us from discovering the power that comes from loving ourselves unconditionally.


I wish I had a portal so we could gather in person, but alas, I have only the magic of technology and a virtual communal space called Zoom. If the pandemic taught us anything though, it’s that we can be together while not sitting in the same physical place. We can gather virtually and still uplift and support each other in a very real way as we trek down the (sometimes rocky) path of self-love side by side.


When is this happening?

There will be two Fierce Self-Love Gathering groups, one meeting on the first Thursday of each month at 9am pacific, and the other meeting on the second Saturday of each month at 9am pacific (we’ll be starting in October, on the 6th and the 8th.) You are welcome to join one or both groups…or alternate between the two as it fits into your schedule! You don’t have to be with us in October to join in subsequent gatherings (though we’ll be laying down our foundation in early gatherings, so please join us for one if you are able!)


How can I join in?

You can sign up at The cost is $25 per gathering, with a subscription available for those who find that helpful. For those in the BIPOC community, please reach out for an alternate fee structure.


Please share with all the women in your life (okay, scratch that–share with those you’d love to have in this community with you!)  As a bonus, anyone who signs up for an October, November AND December Gathering (or a subscription) before October 6th will get a free 30 minute  one-on-one coaching session with me, to use however will best support your Fierce Self-Love journey. (These bonus sessions will be scheduled between October 6th and December 22nd, 2022)


I’m excited to start this new adventure together, and I look forward to seeing you soon on the path of Fierce Self-Love. If you still have questions, text me (559-940-4208) and we can chat about it!


Fierce Love–Cid ?


**please note: 

When I say “woman”, I mean a person who identifies as a woman, regardless of the sex assigned at their birth. I ask that you only join us at a Fierce Self-Love Gathering if you are accepting and supportive of all women.

Also, if the $25 cost makes it impossible for you to join us, please reach out to me. No one will be turned away because of a lack of funds.