What’s an Intuitive Energy Healing session like?

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Do you like surprises? Get excited about trying something new?

Personally, I like to know what to expect when I’m going into a new environment or experience. I like new things, but can enjoy them more when not *everything* is a surprise, you know?

That being true, I thought it might be helpful to tell you a little bit about my Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions. Honestly, each session is completely different on many levels (every individual and their circumstances vary, and that affects the work we do together) but there are things that are similar that I can share with you, to give you an idea of what to expect.

I don’t want to turn this into “Energy Medicine 101” but there is a piece of information that I think is vital for us to start out with:

EVERYTHING is made out of energy.

The phone in your hands. The chair you’re sitting on. The Earth itself. Your physical body.

It’s all energy!

Now that we’ve got that straight…

I have been a sensitive person my whole life. In childhood and young adulthood, that led to being told that I needed to “toughen up” “get a sense of humor” and many other cruel things.

In my mid-30s, I started looking for guidance about the sometimes-strange things I was feeling— tingling in my hands and on the top of my head; knowing things before they happened; “hearing” messages from angels and (what I now know to be) spiritual guides.

I went searching for the answers that my very narrow world view couldn’t provide.

One of the people I was introduced to, Marie Manuchehri, became a mentor and taught me Reiki, a beautiful energy healing modality. That was in 2010.

Since then (like the rest of my life) my energy work has shifted and grown with me. I have no need to follow a particular modality any more—the energy itself guides me as to what is best for each of my clients.

So how can I tell you what to expect? Well, there is a loose format to each session, so we can start there:

Each session happens on Zoom (or the phone, if you’re Zoom-adverse) and begins with a chat. You tell me what’s going on in your life, and share any challenges you’re facing. Are you looking for stress-relief and overall Wellness? Is there a specific physical issue or life circumstance that feels difficult right now that you’d like to address during our time together? This chat takes as long as you need it to, and with the remaining time…

I have you get comfortable—you can lay on the floor or couch or your bed, or sit in a comfortable chair. Your job is to relax, and ask any and all questions that pop into your head during the session.

I jump into your energy system and see what presents itself. It’s really hard to explain exactly what happens, but I’ll try! As an intuitive, your energy talks to me. But not in words as much as in feelings, images and complete ideas.

An example: if you have something going on with your hip, I may feel a density or sharpness in the energy in that area of your body. As I spend time with that energy, it may tell me what I need to do to get the energy flowing the way it’s designed to OR it may provide me with a question to ask you. The questions help to get you thinking about your situation, sometimes in new ways. It connects you to the emotional component of what you are experiencing so that the energy can shift. Sometimes instead of a question, it’s an image, idea or metaphor that the energy shares with me, to pass along to you.

You may or may not “feel” anything during your session. If you don’t feel energy move or warmth or tingling in certain areas, or any of the numerous other things some people experience, that don’t mean it’s not working. It just means you’re not used to feeling energy move…that may change in the future and it may not. Just enjoy the time you’ve set aside for yourself and know that the energy shifts whether you feel it or not!

Sometimes (if you’re open to it) I will get message for you from angels, guides or loved ones on the other side. I’ve had so many beautiful experiences with clients who benefited in a variety of ways from hearing these messages.

At the end of our session, I’ll answer any questions you might have (and remind you to stay hydrated!). I welcome texts from you in the days following your session, to share what has come up for you and/or what you’re experiencing.

That’s it! Mystery uncovered… at least as best as I can.

Energy healing has been such a blessing in my life–in over 10 years of practice I’ve been honored to join many, many clients on their widely-varied healing  journeys. I love being able to help people, and plan to do this amazing work for the rest of my days.