7 Surprising Silver Linings You Find When You’re in Crisis

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When I look back over my life, I’ve seen so many crisis points turn into opportunities that it’s hard not to see them as positives. Part of the human experience is going through times that can rock us to our core… but I promise that all is not lost. There are incredible opportunities for growth, transformation and – yes – even appreciation – when you’re in crisis.

Here are seven powerful ways that going through tough times can actually be beneficial in the long run.

  1. You get the opportunity to practice gratitude.
    I’m a big believer in the power of gratitude – and it’s even more important that you stick to your gratitude practice when you’re going through a time of crisis. It’s far too easy to get overwhelmed with your situation and forget to take a few moments to appreciate your soft pillow, the way the light comes through your kitchen window or an unexpected chat with a friend.
  2. You focus on what really matters.
    Crisis situations have a way of forcing us to look at what really matters in life. Suddenly that person who cut you off on the way to work, or the newest annoying meme on Facebook, aren’t such big deals anymore. You sharpen and re-center your focus where is should be.
  3. You find strength in your relationships.
    Even the introverts among us reach out to trusted friends during times of crisis. We’re social creatures – it’s imperative that we do so! With a crisis situation, our friends, and even those who are “just acquaintances” can be a source of strength and support. If you’ve never tapped into it before, trust that it’s there for you.
  4. You learn that you are stronger than you think.
    Speaking of strength and support, you’ll find out how truly resilient you are during a time of crisis. The strength you find within yourself can give you the courage and the hope to make it through to another day.
  5. You begin to embrace change.
    One thing is for sure, no matter what type of crisis you’re going through – you’ll need to roll with the changes in order to feel greater peace and joy about the situation. Through this process you might even begin to *embrace* change. This can make it easier for you to make important – more positive – changes in the future.
  6. You connect with new people.
    When your life changes, sometimes your social circles change – and that’s okay! As you find yourself adjusting to a new life after “the crisis” you may find completely new ways to connect with people. Whether it’s through formal support groups, new activities or through mutual friends, a transformative crisis can give you the opportunity to expand your support system.
  7. You can rebuild yourself.
    One thing is for sure about a crisis situation – you aren’t the same person *after* as you were before. Instead of seeing this as a scary or negative thing, you can see it as an opportunity for changing your life in positive ways. You can rebuild your life in any way that you’d like- the choice is yours!