Spring Adventures

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Spring has SPRUNG!!

Are you excited?

Or maybe you’re not quite ready, and would rather settle in for a bit more Winter snuggling?

Ready or not, I hope you honor how you are feeling–and leap (or ease) into this season in a way that feels good to you!

For me, the energy of Spring is filled with newness and adventure.

It’s the color of baby seedling sprouts and the feel of a gentle breeze on your face. It’s a thousand butterflies fluttering around in your belly when you have a fun, new idea.

And that’s exactly how I’m feeling about my newest adventure!! What began as a Master Coach Training (MCT) project has grown into so much more in my heart… and it’s evolved into a concept that I call Connecting to yourSelf (Capital S).

My original project plan was a blog or video series for my website. My vision? A series to serve my clients and online followers by offering different ways to connect with their Inner Wisdom (aka Self, Inner Voice, Higher Self, Essential Self, Big Me, Divine Self…)

I wasn’t sure about any of the details of the project. All I knew was that I needed to figure out the overall objective, the trajectory, and the blog and video elements.  Basically, it was all up in the air!

Gratefully, I found myself in a safe place to explore this project with a group of peers who truly supported, encouraged, and accepted me unconditionally. Like a cozy cave for the deep hibernation of Winter, I found myself in a sheltered place where I could rest. And it was in the warmth of that safety that I allowed myself to slow down and remember my Truth.  

I began to trust the process… the purpose of that season. As I loosened the painfully tight grip I was using to hang onto (and strangle!) my project, I gave it the space needed to stretch and grow into what it was destined to become.

I had to be still in order to know how to move forward.

There is so much to be gained when we surrender to the rest that we crave. Especially during the months that, ironically, our society expects even more from us socially. It’s only after deep rest that we are fully available to new ideas. Without stillness in the dark months, how can we possibly hear the whispers of our creativity? We can’t–when we’re plugged into the world’s continuous noise, busy-ness and manufactured commitments.

My gift of the season? After letting go, and resting in the stillness of my cave, I emerged with new insight.

Learning to hear and trust my Inner Voice had been the beginning of learning to truly love myself.

And that was the first step to building a life that I love.

Many of the details for the project started to fall into place during that “hibernation phase”- ideas began to flow through and around me!  A colleague pointed out that I was already sharing thoughts about different ways that I connect to mySelf in Winter months versus the rest of the year- and maybe I should consider putting a seasonal spin on my project?

That felt GOOD (a big “YES!” from mySelf) but there was still more to come.

I have so many interests. I LOVE connecting with all sorts of people and I know that there are SO many ways that coaching can benefit each one of those people. But I’d been spinning my wheels- attempting to connect with ALL people about ANYthing that they might desire coaching around in their life.

Friend, that’s waaaaaay too big of a job for one Joyful Life & Wellness Coach!

Thankfully, not long after adding in a seasonal focus, the “more” hit me!

I was standing in my office, looking at the brightly-colored project wall where I’ve gathered ideas for each season on separate poster-boards, when I realized:

THIS is where my magic lies… in helping others learn how to reconnect with themSelves.

Head-to-toe tingles. More than a few tears. So much “YES!” from my Inner Self.

And then, whammo!! You know that thing that happens when a friend buys a certain type of car you’d never heard of before and then all of a sudden you see them on the road everywhere? Well now I’m seeing the signs of this “new” focus of mine all around me! Both new things, and some that have been there forever–to the point that I didn’t even see them anymore. Can you believe, on my very first business cards, from when I started doing energy work in 2010 (and on every iteration after, including the newest batch) my tagline is “Helping You Find Your Inner Voice”?

My message, the one I am here to share with the world through my unique way of coaching and sharing myself online, is the vital importance of learning to reconnect to yourSelf and trust your Inner Voice.

I can feel that Truth shifting the energy inside me. It’s creating a wide open space available to create from, now that the frenetic, heavy energy of everything has been released. And THAT feels like something I need to share. Especially since it’s happening to me in Spring… the time of dreaming and scheming and rebirth.

So, what can you expect to see from me in the coming year?

I don’t want to give away all the fun details… but I can tell you that I will continue to show up authentically. Unashamedly transparent and open. In whatever magical ways I am guided (by mySelf) to connect.

You can get your first glimpse in this short video… Learning to Connect to yourSelf.

From here forward, I will strive to funnel my ever-whirling thoughts into offerings that can benefit you on your journey to learn how to hear your Inner Voice… the Voice that has been patiently waiting for you to quiet down enough so it can be heard.

I’m looking forward to joining you from that quiet, still place inside mySelf.


Love & Light- Cid