What I Remembered About Myself When I Decided to Tell My Story

Categories: Personal.

You may have seen my recent posts (or FB Live) about the She Stories event I was asked to speak at recently. The theme was “How I Learned to Love Myself” and I was one of seven women who got up to share my story.

From the moment I started thinking about getting up to speak in public, the “mean girls” in my head started trying to beat me down with a whole lot of negativity. They kept repeating “who do you think you are?!”, “people will be there sharing REAL stories!” and other nonsense.

Whenever the mean girls appear in full force, I can be sure that there’s something more to uncover. This time was certainly no different.

My story of learning to love myself is a long winding road… much longer than the 10 minutes I had to talk about it. While it was powerful to share what I ended up sharing with 60 women, the preparation process and the reminders I received were even more powerful. As I thought back, looking closely at every significant moment, every horrible and amazing thing that has happened in my life… searching for threads to pull together to try to explain how I learned to love myself… I remembered something important:

Holy shit. I have come a LONNNNNNNNNG WAY baby!!!

The difference is amazing. I was blown away just thinking about the scared, people-pleasing young woman I used to be; the many, MANY major choices I made in my life based on what other people thought I should do instead of what I was passionate about; the people I built relationships with simply because they acknowledged me.

But even though I’ve changed a lot, part of learning to love myself- TRULY love myself- is to have compassion for the woman I used to be. Working my way through that (sometimes) treacherous road was how I came to create the life I have now. And I *love* my life now.

If I had figured all this out sooner, I wouldn’t have nearly as much life experience to put to use in building a “Joyful Life & Wellness Coaching” practice where I get to spend my work days helping other beautiful humans uncover the wisdom inside of THEM!

I have been asked if my She Stories talk was recorded… and no, I’m sorry, it wasn’t. I’m kind of glad that the sacredness of that evening is preserved for me in a gorgeous, powerful bubble. I also believe in the power of sharing our stories. My story. Or at least one part of it! Soooooooo, I’ll be sharing a version of my “How I Learned to Love Myself” story this week during my Thoughtful Thursday FB Live Weekly Chat. I hope it inspires you to not only think about your story, but marvel at how very far you’ve come!