Your Body Knows

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Female with short red hair, in a purple long sleeved top and black leggings, holds a rainbow colored hula hoop at hip level. Her head is tipped back and she has a big smile on her face. Her body knows!

In life coach training, I learned something that drastically shifted how I look at my physical body.

Did you know…

The verbal part of the brain processes 40 bits of information per second? Pretty impressive, I think! Until you compare that to the physical body, which processes 11 MILLION bits in that same second.


Yep. Think of all that you are missing out on when you just use what your brain tells you to navigate through life.


My body and I have gone through a lot together. I didn’t always trust its wisdom. (And whooooo did I pay for it!)

There are many ways to tap into the wisdom of our physical bodies. A pendulum and “yes/no” questions is one way. The muscle testing that my chiropractor uses to determine how many of what kind of supplements by body desires is another.

I have learned other tools to help my clients connect deeply with their bodies. To learn the unique way their body communicates with them, so they can hear and trust the messages it sends. I love sharing tools like that during one-on-one sessions, but it’s too much for a blog piece. ?

So I’d like to share one of my favorite, quick body wisdom check-ins that I think anyone can do (just about anywhere). I call it… well, I call it “Towards or Away” but that’s not very catchy, is it?

Body Totter? (Like a teeter totter lol)

Back means No, Forward means Yes? (Ugh, that’s worse!)

Maybe after I describe it to you, you can help me out with a catchy name, k?


It’s very simple, actually. Anytime you have a decision to make that you are unsure about, you can check in with your body’s wisdom like this:

1. Make sure you are standing up straight, on solid, flat ground

2. Think a yes/no question in your mind (or say it aloud if you want)

3. Notice if your body leans forward or back—forward is a “yes” answer, back is “no”


That’s it! It might be a tiny movement or it might be a large one…either is a valid answer. Nothing at all? I’ve never had that happen before, but my hunch is that means there’s no direct guidance from your body, so do whatever your mind says. Or whatever you WANT!

Big or small decision, no matter. Your body knows.

In the grocery store and can’t decide between broccoli and asparagus? Give this a try! Have the urge to get ice cream but feel bad about it? Check in with your body—you’ll either get a confirmation that you don’t need it right now OR your body says “yes!” and you can take home a pint without guilt. Remember to check in about when to eat it and how much to have later, when you get it home.

Not sure your current house or town is the right place for you to flourish and grow? Your body knows! Check in and see what your body wisdom has to say about it. There really is no question too big or too small!

I hope you enjoy this little tool… play around and have fun with it, and see what happens. I look forward to hearing how the wisdom of YOUR body guides you!